Sapougel Q (Cold Emulsilfier)

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100% plant based and palm-free ingredient, which is actually introduced as an oil gallant that creates a lanolin and petroleum jelly like texture in a "natural" way.  Sapogel Q will create rich, stable and translucent gels with textures ranging from honey consistency to thick balms. SapoGel Q is Palm Free, 100% Natural, Vegan friendly, Preservative free, Biodegradeable and COSMOS approved.

It is a brownish, low viscosity liquid and is a blend.

AKA: Emugel

It is compatible with most actives including acidic and alkaline substances (pH 3-10).  Small amounts of water (up to 4%) can be added to give a creamy, serum-like texture, however appearance will be more opaque.,


• Lip balms
• Balm Cleansers
• Body Balms
• Scrubs, including salt/sugar
 Face masks
 Concentrated skin serums / creams
• Hair / Beard Balms

Watch these videos: Institute of personal care Science  Making Skincare:

INCI: Glycerin & Aqua & Quillaja Saponaria Wood Extract & Saponaria Officinalis (Soapwort) Extract

Like Emugel, Sapougel does require a specific way of processing, although it is slightly more forgiving than Emugel and oil can be added at a faster rate. Sapougel is also slightly less shear thinning than Sucragel.

  • it is 100% plant based and suitable for vegan formulations
  • all ingredients in this blend are even edible, completely safe and non-sensitizing
  • it is palm-oil free
  • you can create a broad range of viscosity with this ingredient
  • it can be used in both cold-process and hot-process
  • it is possible to add exfoliants, powders such as oat or starch without compromising the stability or appearance
  • it could be used both in rinse-off and in leave-on products


Sapougel works with all oils and butters. The viscosity of the product varies from oil to oil, and you need to run some tests to find the viscosity that suits your purposes and packaging.  It is recommended to have all your ingredients at room temperature.

Application dosage:


The higher the Sapougel concentration, the lower the viscosity. We know that is counterintuitive but true. 


1- Weigh Sapougel in a clean beaker

2- Weigh the oil phase in a separate clean beaker.  If solids are used such as waxes or butters melt them first.

3- Very slowly add the oil phase in small amounts to the Sapougel phase and completely blend before adding the next portion.  Formulators can use a stick blender or kitchen aid with paddle attachment but must follow these instructions very carefully.

4- Blend for a short while after all the oil phase is added.  Continue adding the oil in portions, allowing the gel to reform before you add more oil. This is very important. You may increase the speed of mixing as needed. Once all oil is added, you can add the exfoliant, if any.

CAS#: 56-81-5, 7732-18-5, 68990-67-0, 84775-97-3

Adding glycerin for glycerides:

Glycerine reduces the viscosity. You can add up to 5% glycerine to the Sapougel phase.

PH:  4.26

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Ravi Sidhu

Sapougel Q (Cold Emulsilfier)

Arline Tabin
Sapougel Q (Cold Emulsilfier)

Extremely happy with the product and the fast service. Thank you

Karma Husband
Amazing product!!

I use this for a few of my products and I love it! It's tedious to work with but so worth it.