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Shiitake Liquid Extract (Standardized)

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Shiitake Liquid Extract – Standardized is a liquid blend of Shiitake Extract and Propanediol produced through a unique manufacturing technology.

Shiitake Liquid Extract is standardized for Polysaccharides (14.2%), which work in various ways, depending on their sources. Shiitake-based polysaccharides are known for their moisturizing, cooling, calming, balancing, and smoothing properties, which make them ideal for addition to firming, lifting, and skin-brightening products.

With a plant-based origin, Propanediol is a biodegradable and petrochemical-free solvent that is NPA approved, making it an excellent corn sugar-derived alternative to petroleum-based Glycols for hair- and skincare formulations. It offers benefits and functionalities that include improved emollience, enhanced viscosity, non-irritating properties, exceptional sensory characteristics, clarity, and antibacterial and antifungal properties, among many more.

The characteristic colour of this botanical extract imbues natural and organic cosmetic formulations with its innate hue. This means that the product colours that were formerly possible to obtain only through the use of artificial and often objectionable constituents can now be achieved though plant-based ingredients that impart not only their beneficial, skin health-enhancing properties but also their individual natural colours. It is strongly recommended that small batch trials be conducted to determine the dosage required to achieve the desired shade imbued by the extract. The original colour of Shiitake Liquid Extract – Standardized is Brown to Dark Brown; however, there is a possibility of this colour changing, depending on the formulation to which it is added.

Standardization: 14.2% Polysaccharides

Recommended Usage Level: 1-3% in skincare products.

Storage: Stable when stored in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life: Approximately 18 months

Shiitake has been found to have anti-fungal, anti-tumor, immune-regulating, anti-viral, and anti-cholesterol effects.
Use in your aqueous serums, cleansing gels, toners & facial masks for the added boost.
Mushroom Extract is useful for anti-aging products as it may help increase the cellular turnover rate of the stratum corneum, increase hydration and increase skin firmness.
Mushroom Extract has been developed by extracting the fruiting bodies of Shiitake Mushrooms. After the extraction is complete, various filtration techniques are then carried out to produce the final aqueous extract.



Lactobacillus/Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) Extract /Lentinus Edodes (Shitake Mushroom) Extract Ferment Filtrate

Suggested Use Levels:


Suggested Applications:

Anti-Aging, Firming, skin lightening, Increase Cell Turnover, calming inflammation


Clear to Slightly Hazy Liquid

Solubility In Water:


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