SLSA Lathanol Surfactant Coarse Powder

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Sift with your powders to remove the lumps. Please wear a mask to avoid inhaling. Also review MSDS document for proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before usage.  Link at bottom of this description.

We also carry a fine version 

Works well in soft or hard water.

It can be added to our foaming bath butter base in formulations. Foaming Bath Whip. You can also add Cocamidopropyl betaine when more lather is desired.

  • High foaming
  • 65% Actives
  • Anionic Dried Surfactant
  • pH: 5 - 7.5
  • Country of Origin:  China

Recommended use levels:
Liquid Foaming Bath Products: 3-8%
Powder Foaming Bath Products: 15-25%

A gentle, high foaming powdered anionic surfactant is derived from coconut and palm oil. SLSa is a great addition to solid bubble bath, bubbling bath bombs and bath salts, and shampoos. If your formula produces needs for fizz, lower your slsa.

INCI: Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

It is important to have your work area clean and covered, if possible as it does get messy. We do also advise the use of a good particle mask to avoid breathing in the powder as any solids have the potential to be respiratory irritants. Proper manufacturing procedures should be followed when handling this and all raw material

· Powdered Surfactant

· Increases foam in Fizzie formulations

· 100% Active

· Biodegradable

· Creates long-lasting bubbles

· Mild

· 100% Natural Vegetable Origin


· Lotions

· Bath and shower gels

· Salts

· Fizzies

Recommendations:  Store in a cool and dry location. Powder becomes airborne, so use gloves and safety goggles when handling. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kylie Szusz

SLSA Lathanol Surfactant Powder

Bridget Gagnon
Great Product

This is a great product for making bath bombs and bubble bars.

Char Meier-Walyuchow

SLSA Lathanol Medium / Fine Powder

Christine Schmitke

Professional service everything I ordered came 100% perfect you business takes care in your packaging and quality I couldn’t be happier thanks

Johanne Hagen
Medium fine SLSA

Love the medium fine slsa . Works great in my bath bombs