Sodium Hydroxide Beads LYE NAOH

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Cannot be combined with potassium hydroxide purchase unless the sizes are under a total of 4KG.  No post office boxes permitted.

  • Due to its dangerous goods classification, we only ship Sodium Hydroxide within Canada and by Fedex Ground Courier.  Please do not choose any other service, as we can't ship this item via any express service. Smaller sizes are exempt as they are considered limited quantities by Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. ONE PER ORDER. maximum of 4KG per order. 

 We do not ship 25kg size.

PLEASE NOTE: This product does not ship outside of Canada, a 3% to 6% transaction fee will be applied to any necessary refunds. This also applies to 25kg bags which are for pickup only.


Lye (NaOH) commonly referred to as Lye or Caustic Soda is used in bar soap making and widely used as a pH buffer in cosmetics. Some soapers use both sodium and potassium hydroxide.  Dual-lye recipes are often used for specialty soaps such as cream soap, shave soap, and liquid soap.

When working with lye never use vinegar on your skin! Water is best to rinse the skin area. It is fine on counters to neutralize.

Glass including pyrex can shatter when mixing your lye water, use stainless steel or #2 and #5 code Polypropylene

When handling Sodium Hydroxide, always wear gloves! Lye burns. Sodium Hydroxide can cause nasty burns on your skin. In addition, you should only use Sodium Hydroxide when wearing eye protection, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, closed footwear and in a properly ventilated area. Always keep your container tightly closed when not in use. Not only does air reduce its efficacy, but it will also attract moisture from the air and get chunky and hard to use.

Technical Information: 

  • INCI: Sodium Hydroxide
  • CAS #: 1310-73-2
  • Purity: 99.23%
  • pH: 12
  • Specific Gravity: 2.13 @ 20°C

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I need some of this

Steve Binns
Good Purchase

Product is good, shipping was fast and the price was reasonable. A good purchase.

Works well for soap making

I bought this to make my cold process soap. It wasn't the first time I've ordered lye from here, and it won't be the last. It's well packaged, and works fine for soap making.

Colleen N

Good price very happy

Mona Roussel

Sodium Hydroxide Beads LYE NAOH