Superfine Red Clay

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INCI: Kaolinite (Red Clay)
Other names: French Red Clay
Caution: Due to the dark colour it may stain fabric.

Red clay is popular in today's high-end spas for facial applications. Unlike some cosmetic clay, red clay moisturizes well and will not easily dry out your skin. Probably not the best skin care clay for oily skin types (use French green clay for that), but it is great for those who suffer from dry skin conditions.

In soap making, red clay will add a beautiful stable red hue to your product. We love this skin care clay as a natural soap colourant! It produces a very nice red! Having red clay in your product will also add nicely to your label appeal if you decide to sell your soap. It also helps to anchor your scents. Add 1 to 2 TB per pound at light trace or in melt & pour when soap is melted. It does not fade, bleed or migrate in soap.