Sweet Grass Hydrosol Organic

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Distilled from the precious water of sweet grass.

The aroma is quite peculiar and similar to the freshness of cut grass or hay. It is the best natural plant which captures the scent of fresh rain. It is divine! Unlike most herbs, sweet grass aroma strengthens when the plant is dried. The plant does not produce an essential oil that can capture its aroma. The hydrosol is quite fragrant and is one of the most powerful hydrosols to clear energetic space. Carry a spray bottle of it, no additives, emulsifiers or synthetic fragrance whatsoever!

Suggested Uses

Spiritual Purification Try using this hydrosol as a spray. Simply put some into a spray bottle and use liberally. You can use it full strength or dilute with water or add other hydrosols. Try adding some sage essential oil (first diluted in glycerine at 10% strength, be cautious not too much is added for fear it will cover the delicate notes of the sweet grass) for added aroma and potency.

Skincare Great addition to creams and lotions. Provides a fresh aroma and astringent properties. Not recommended neat on the skin.

It is mildly antiseptic, astringent, and lightly fragrant.

Stability/Shelf Life:  12 - 14 months in the fridge.

Ph 6.1

Steam Distilled

INCI: Hierochloe odorata
Organically farmed and distilled from Sweet Grass in Alberta, Canada.