Titanium Dioxide Powder Water Soluble

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Titanium dioxide is used in cosmetics to whiten soaps, lotions, creams, and other products. It is used in soap at a rate of about 2 tablespoons per 5 lbs of soap.

First, disperse the powder in water or glycerine then add to your batch. This reduces clumping. This purified TiO2 can also be used in lip products. Average Particle Size .30 microns (300 nanometres).

Please Note: Monitors vary in the way that they render colours. The colour of this product may differ slightly from the colour that you see on your monitor screen.

Origin: Canada

INCI: CI77891

To avoid glycerine rivers soap with a water discount and do not overheat your soaps! Soaps with full water are more prone to glycerine rivers than soaps made with less water.

We recommend 25 to 28% water discount.

Cosmetically safe for lips, face, eyes, and nails. Our titanium dioxide is NOT micronised

It can be added to melted candle wax to make the wax whiter. However, when using titanium dioxide in candle wax, only use it for over dips. Titanium dioxide will clog wicks if used in the interior of a candle. Typical usage of titanium dioxide for dipped candles is 1% titanium dioxide to 3%-6% stearic acid.

Titanium dioxide is used in mineral makeup as your matte base. Allows your product to flow nicely.

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