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Tussah Silk Fiber

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Add to your cold process soap for a silky feel. It feels amazing on the skin, it adds shine, and it helps create amazing lather.

This silk is cruelty-free. The fibers are collected from cocoons after the silkworms have emerged.  Adding tussah silk to your soap recipes will impart a soft, silky, luxurious feel to your soaps. Many soap makers feel it contributes to a more “slippery” feel as well, and also gives the bars a slightly shinier appearance.

For best results cut into small pieces so it quickly dissolves into your hot lye water and the now "silk infused" lye solution is added, as usual, to your batch. The fibers may clump together. If this happens, firmly press the clump against the container with your spoon to break it up. Breaking the clump apart will help the silk to dissolve faster.

Usage Rate in Soap:  For a 5 pound batch of soap, you need to add only about a cotton-ball sized pinch of silk. A little goes a long way with this protein additive.


  • Ingredients (Common Name): Silk fibers
  • Ingredients (INCI Name): Silk Amino Acids
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Recommended for Cold Process: yes
  • Recommended for Melt and Pour: no
  • Recommended for Bath Bombs: no
  • Eye Safe: no
  • Lip Safe: no

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful & clean

Really nice silk fibre, but seriously over-packaged in plastic. Plastic ziplock bags inside a thick, heat-sealed plastic bag. I was pretty shocked to see the amount of plastic used to package my overall order.

Theodora Berard
Tussah Silk Fibre

Best quality and price for silk fibre = I love using a pea sized pinch in my cold process batches to give a silky, elegant feel.

Diane Hall

I didn’t realize how much you get, but well worth it. I can use it in all my soaps now instead of a few luxury ones. I have never used it but heard it can make soap extra smooth feeling. Will definitely be using it now!

Ryan McCarthy
Looks good

Haven’t had the chance to use it yet but looks good thanks