Booster Wood Wick 2 ply .75 x 5" (#3)

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Includes wick clip.

Testing is highly recommended

These Wooden Wicks are made from native, sappy fruit trees, sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills, and manufactured in the USA. 

The Wood Wick is an ideal option for vegetable wax blends, beeswax candles or candles with heavy fragrance or dye loads.

Suggested size is for a Large Container (3.75"  to 4" Diam) for Soy or Palm Wax.

  • Gently pour the wax into the vessel, leaving 1/8″ – 3/16″ / 3.2mm – 4.8mm of the wick exposed. If the wick is longer you can trim it to this height after the wax has set.
  • After the candle has cooled: If the surface is uneven or has imperfections, you can carefully use a heat gun to even it out. Be very careful not to burn the wick, this is a quick process of gently waving the heat gun a few inches above the surface to quickly melt it.
  • Once the candle has set, trim the wick to 1/4inch

While many people do not find it needed, it is recommended to brush wicks with an oil (such as coconut oil) to prime the wick or with some of the wax you intend to use with them.

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Keith Redale
Booster Wood Wick 2 ply .75 x 5"

Ordered June 4th - order shipped right away and got it on June 17. Need a bit of time to use the product and give a proper review.

Rosemary Mindra

Booster Wood Wick 2 ply .75 x 6" (#3)