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Xanthan gum clear grade has a negative charge. It is commonly used in water-based gels and serums, liquid shampoos, and gel cleansers. They can be incompatible with cationic ingredients, and most lose viscosity in an acidic environment.

May fail to perform when the formulations have a high content of electrolytes such as aloe vera, magnesium and potassium.

Xanthan Gum is a natural gum polysaccharide created through fermentation of sugar (glucose or sucrose) by Xanthomonas campestris bacteria. 

Xanthan Gum Clear is used in cosmetics as a thickener or rheology modifier and emulsion stabilizer. 

Xanthan Gum Clear in solution will have greater viscosity and clarity than our regular 200 mesh Xanthan Gum and has more stringy effect.

Xanthan gum produces a large increase in the viscosity of a liquid with the addition of a very small amount of gum. Generally 1%, but as little as 0.1% can be used in many applications. 


  • Natural source thickener
  • High viscosity at low use
  • Produces clear gels
  • Synergistic with other gums, including Cationic Guar Gum
  • Compatible with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • CAS: 11138-66-2


Because it is a fine white powder, it is highly recommended you use a nose mask when working with it. 

  • Products made with Clear Xanthan Gum remain stable with constant viscosity in both acidic and alkaline formulations
  • It works over a broad pH range of 2 and 12.
  • 0.3 to 2.0%
  • incorporate with high shear mixing using a stick blender
  • use care to not use too much as it will get clumpy
  • Avoid pH systems over 12. Because they will turn yellow, excellent for low pH systems
  • salt may be used to improve the viscosity response and reduce temperature sensitivity
  • hydrate in room temperature water for approximately 15 minutes, then proceed to heat
  • For best results, start at 0.3% and increase in 0.1% increments to avoid an unpleasant slimy texture.
  • Viscosity is between (1% solution) 1200 - 1700 cps
  • Use a preservative in your formulations

Add to the water phase of your formulation.
Mix with glycerin (2-5%)  in order to prevent clumping before adding water. 

When Making Lotions, Creams, Conditioners or other products that require heating more than 60C, add this to the cool down phase (40C) of your formulation.
Clear Xanthan USP is stable from room temperature to 60C. 

Country of Origin:  USA


Appearance: Light Beige Free Flowing Powder
Odour: Characteristic,
Solubility: Soluble in water & glycerin, insoluble in oil
Storage: Tightly Sealed, Cool > 75F / Dry
Shelf: 60 Months when Properly Stored / Handled
Charge: Anionic

*A stick blender mixing will reduce the tendency of the particles to contact, and stick, to each other. If this happens, the result will be that the outside swells and prevents water from getting to the inside, resulting in swollen clumps, also referred to as 'fish eyes'. This is, sometimes, irreversible so, care should be taken to use the highest shear possible.

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Xanthan Gum Powder Soft Clear