Yellow Lake High Dye Load

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Bright yellow lake, common in many products. CP HP Soap, Lips, eyes, wash off, nail polish, bath bombs and melt & pour. Water-soluble.  Will bleed in soap.

Yellow 5 Dye Load: 24-26%

INCI: CI19140 (Yellow 5 Lake)

CAS NO:  68583-95-9

FDA Certified Applications
Soap, Skincare & Bath: Yes
Lip Products: Yes
Eye Products: Yes

Colour: Produces a brilliant, colour in clear bases. Colour is not 100% clear and will cloud clear bases. A pastel colour is produced in opaque (white) bases.

Colour Fading: This dye is light sensitive. CP soaps may fade if left in direct sunlight or artificial lighting.

Melt & pour soap: mix with glycerin then add to the melted soap base

Bath Bombs: Add to dry ingredients. Bath bombs will become coloured when base becomes moistened.

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