Myrrh Gum Powder

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Myrrh Gum Powder has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years and is great for cosmetic use, too!  It can be used for bath and body products, cosmetics and hair and skin care!

When used in cosmetics and bath and body products, myrrh uses have many benefits. It helps to keep your hair healthy by working as an astringent. It helps to soften and strengthen hair and even prevents hair loss.  Try it in your shampoo and conditioner bars.  It also helps to treat dandruff, lice, underactive sebaceous glands, and dry scalp. When you use myrrh for skin care purposes, it helps to maintain a youthful complexion, rejuvenate cell growth, contract and cool the skin, heal blemishes and reduce wrinkles and swelling. Myrrh also helps to repair cracked, damaged, and chapped skin.

Natural brown and may leave specs in soap. Also thought to benefit the skin, especially the face. 

Approved Cosmetic Uses

General: Yes Migrates: No
Eye Products: No CP Soap Stable: Yes 5%
Nails: No UV Fade: Yes
MP Soap Only: Yes Incense: Yes

Country of Origin: India
(INCI): Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Gum Powder 



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Ibtisam Ghazal

Very good and I will buy more