Cocoa Butter Pastilles Unscented / Deodorized (food grade)

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Due to limited supply at this time we haver brought in an alternative see:  https://soapandmore.ca/products/copy-of-cocoa-butter-wafers-deodorized-food-grade

Cocoa butter can be used to make soaps, creams, hair products, lotions, and lip balms to bring stiffness to the end product or used alone as a body butter. At room temperature, cocoa butter is hard but melts on contact with body heat.

It has occlusive properties with skin barrier function.

Handling: To avoid crystallization when melting cocoa butter, it is best to temper it. It's simple to do: raise the temperature on your melting cocoa butter slowly, over 45 minutes. Then, turn the heat off, cover the cocoa butter and let it cool for approximately 10 minutes. Use this method to achieve smoother lotion and lip balms.

INCI: Theobroma cacao

Shelf Life up to 5 years

SAP: NOAH 0138 KOH 0.194

Caution:  Cocoa butter has a naturally occurring latex component.

Now in pastille form. Much easier to measure out! Cocoa Butter is obtained from the fruit of the cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao) in Africa. From its seed kernels, the butter is extracted and refined to obtain a white butter, making it ideally suited for use in cosmetics and toiletries. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperatures but melts easily on contact with the skin. Prevents drying of the skin and development of wrinkles. Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility. May enhance the stability, of certain emulsion systems.

Cocoa Butter for Hair
Cocoa butter contains a whole host of nutrients including protein, potassium, calcium, vitamins, magnesium, and copper. It is a good emollient for hair; it is very effective against dry, itchy scalp. Cocoa butter is very good at protecting hair from chemical damage.

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O'Canada Soapworks

Cocoa Butter Pastilles Deodorized (food grade)

Completely Odour Free!

I like to use cocoa butter in my lip balm and having a chocolate smell from the butter with flavours just doesn't feel (or smell) right. The deodorized coca butter pastilles from Soap & More are 100% scent free and their small size make melting them so fast! I love this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for cocoa butter & who do not want the cocoa smell. I also really appreciate being able to buy in a large qty.

Cocoa Butter Pastilles

Great for soap making. They melted nicely. Can’t wait to try a bar with them in it!

Ruby Koevort
Cocoa Butter Food Grade

I love these! So easy to work with and it makes amazing products, especially my with my face lotions and bath butters!

Linda L.
Works great for our needs

Perfect for using to make vegan " butter" per Brianna Grogan and for baking.