Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend

October 05, 2021

Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend

Every year as the leaves start to turn, there comes a longing. A longing  for rich aromatic flavors and warm spicy scents.

There is no blend better then a warm and inviting Pumpkin Spice. 

As these things go in retail, while we loved this blend dearly, we had to make room for some of our new and exciting products. As such we will share its formulation here.  

This holds several benefits for the makers as it give you clearer details for your CNF's and allows you to more easily adjust the blend slightly (or drastically) to make it more personalized to you and your products. 

The formulation in milliliters below will make 120ml of blend, or follow the percentage chart to make any amount you want or need. 

Essential oil Amount in ML  Percent
Allspice 37 30.8%
Cinnamon Leaf 27 22.5%
Vanilla Boosted 17 14.2%
Cardamom  17 14.2%
Ginger or Ginger CO2 10 8.3%
Clove 6 5%
Nutmeg 6 5%

Allspice is still available in store currently however, it does not have a listing on the website at this time. 

Once this essential oil is made, it is important that you shake it before each use due to the vanilla Boosted. This also cannot be used in candles due the the vanilla boosted. If you are interested? A substitution to make it candle safe would be our Vanilla Fragrance oil . It would not longer be just an essential oil blend, However it would broaden the uses of this blend. 



Happy making!

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